Comprehension Task – 1 Hour

Comprehension Task – 1 Hour Read the extract from The Happy Prince below, and answer the questions.









Read the passage above carefully and then answer the questions. Remember to write your answers in full sentences, taking care with spelling and punctuation.

  1. What does the Happy Prince look like?
  2. Where does the Happy Prince stand?
  3.  Why does the mother want her son to be like the Happy Prince?
  4. What do the people of the city think of the Happy Prince?
  5.  What are the ‘Charity children’ wearing?
  6. Why do you think the ‘Mathematical Master’ does not ‘approve of children dreaming’?
  7. What things can the Happy Prince see as he stands on his tall column overlooking the city? Use your imagination to help you.
  8. Do you think the ‘Happy Prince’ is happy? Why? Why not?
  9. Imagine that you are a statue. Where would you like to stand? Overlooking a park, a city or somewhere else? Would you enjoy being a statue? Why? Why not?

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