Unscramble the word

Look at the following sentences. In each sentence one word is scrambled. Unscramble the word and write it in its correct form in the space provided. In each case the first letter is in the correct place.

Ex. I don’t want to go to bed now, it’s too elray. early

1. I didn’t eat the whole cake I only ate one. qteruar. quarter 

2. The eahtr is the third planet from the sun. Earth

3. Tomorrow is my birthday; I will be ehtig years old. eight

4. I like to cycle; I ride my bciycle everywhere. bicycle

5. Everyone knows that actor; he’s very fmousa. famous

6. The month after January is called Fberuray. February 

7. I like to stay healthy by eating lots of furit and vegetables. fruit

8. I want to biuld a sandcastle on the beach. build

9. My teacher gave me an answer to my qeustoin. question 

10. In science we do exepirmnets.  experiments 



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