Word problems


1. There are 4 shelves of books. 2 of the shelves hold 25 books each. 2 of the shelves hold 40 books each. How many books altogether are on the shelves?

2. There are 130 books on the top shelf. There are 90 books on the bottom shelf. I remove 60 of the books. How many books are left on the shelves?

3. 156 cars travelled through High Street in one hour on a Monday morning. 12 were grey, 34 were red and 19 were yellow. How many cars were other colours?

4. Pete bought a pack of 60 biscuits on Sunday. On Monday he ate 30. On Tuesday he ate 19. How many biscuits did he have left for Wednesday?

5. Damien had 16 stickers. His Mum gave him 12 more. He then gave 10 to his brother. How many did he have left?

6. In a class there are 33 children. 7 children walk to school and 9 come by bus. The rest come by car. How many children come to school by car?


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