Why is Hanuman known as Maruti

Hanuman is known as Maruti because he is the son of Vayu – the wind god in Hinduism. Marut is one of the numerous names of Vayu. And as the son of Marut, Hanuman is known as Maruti. Valmiki Ramayana mentions that a celestial woman named Punchikasthala was cursed by a sage to be born as monkey on earth. The sage later repented and told her that she will have power to assume human form when she desired. Punchikasthala was then born as Anjana on earth. Once, Vayu happened to see Anjana in human form and was enamoured by her beauty. Vayu made love to her in his invisible form. Anjana who realized that she was violated was about to curse her unseen lover. But Vayu appeared before her and gave her boon that her chastity will not be lost and told her that a powerful son will be born to her. This son was Hanuman.


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