Keep your kids safe online


The internet opens a world of entertainment and learning options for children, but it’s important to take the necessary precautions. Don’t leave your child, computer and personal data at risk. Our CyberSecurity team shares tips on how you can let young children make the most of the internet, safely and securely.

Dear parents – communication is key

Children these days are digital natives. They’ve grown up with the internet and can’t imagine life without it. But it’s your responsibility to lay down the rules. This is important so you protect your children from parts of the web that could endanger them. A good way to do this is to ask them to show you how they spend their time online.

Here are some other pointers:

keep computers or laptops in common areas, where adults can monitor how they’re used
be aware of all the devices your kids use to connect online
discuss boundaries on how long they can use the internet, and why they must be careful about who they talk to online
ensure your children understand that they must never share personal information without your permission
listen to your children and look out for signs that say they might be having trouble online
when they make mistakes, treat each one as a learning experience instead of engaging in disciplinary action – this will help your children feel comfortable approaching you with their problems
Tools you can use

Apart from communicating with and educating your children, there are tools that help you monitor and protect them online. You can install:

mature content filtering software – e.g. NetNanny and Qustodio
software to monitor and track their online activities – e.g. SafetyWeb and SocialShield
Of course, there’s nothing like setting a good example to begin with. Limit your own time online and set aside device-free time for your family. You can also watch those videos and memes with them – sharing a laugh and some good conversation makes for great family time.



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