About the place

The journey to Parvathamalai located near to Thenmathimangalam village, which is roughly 20 kms from Polur in Thiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu is a very intresting one filled with miracles.

Parvatamalai is a steep hill which is 3500 feet(Approx) high from the sea level and full of herbal plants. It is said that the breeze with herbal scent coming from this hill heals all incurable diseases especially true to devotees who have been suffering from acute asthma for several years have been cured here.  On the top of the hill, is a 2000 years old temple of Lord Mallikarjunaswamy. This place is very auspicious and has powerful vibrations.  One can see pilgrims of all ages – from as young as 3-4 years to as old as 70-75 years – climbing up & down the hill.  During the Pournami full moon, this hill attracts a lot of devotees and it is believed that many strange things occur, which cannot be defined in the language of Science.  Annadhanam will be provided in the ashram for devotees.

It is believed that Parvathamalai is formed when a piece of rock fell from Sanjeevini hill when Lord Anjaneya was carrying it and this has seven folds, therefore it is also called as Sanjeeva Parvathamalai.  It is believed that devas and siddhas are worshiping Lord Mallikarjunaswamy every night here.  Many Siddhas living and practicing their skills around parvathamalai.

Reaching the hill is the most difficult. Going alone or without knowing the route is very dangerous as you might loose your track. So it is always advisable to go in a group on which one should know the route.  3/4 of the hill is a steady climb and can be covered without much fuss. The final part is the steep climb on rocks,  which is not so difficult if you are there on a bright sunny day.  It is an one way traffic, one person can only climb at a time, you have to be sure on the other side no one comes, you have to raise your voice and once acknowledgment comes from the other end then only you can climb or you will be get caught in the middle. It is safe to remove all the shoes and climb in bare foot.

The miraculous part of the journey is till today not a single episode of any pilgrim falling down or hurting himself/herself climbing the mountain has taken place. There are accounts from various devotees who seemed to have lost balance while climbing  and have received a helping hand from some unknown power which they can feel but cannot see. The hill has iron rod steps, track steps, ladder steps and sky steps which is very rare from any other mountains in the world and one of the wonders.

Devotees travel to this place only on full moon day other days they avoid the place since siddas are continuously performing pujas.  This place is always filled with miracles which cannot be told but it is said that every person who has been to this place has witnessed the miracle in one form or another.  One can see the lamp lit all night everyday in the temple.  At midnight, the villages around the hill can hear the sounds of Melam, Sangu and Tharai Thappatai.

About the temple

Inside the temple there were idols of Parthuvthaamman, Sivalingam, Lord Muruga and Lord Ganesa. All the poojas have to be done by us no priest was available on the temple.  You can see the images of snake and trishulam when you lit camphor infront of Lord Shiva.  Some devotees have seen a 9ft king cobra  visiting here rarely for the worship.  The goddess idol has a very dazzling beauty which can be never seen anywhere. A divine light can be witnessed on cheeks of the goddess. The strange aspect is that the when you start walking away from the Garbhagriha the size of the Goddess idol will be growing big and will look real.  One can see 3 eagles circling the hill.  Pooja is offered all the 24hours. More than 5000 devotees are coming here from different parts of Tamil Nadu.  There is a giant trishulam on the top of the hill and you can see the passing clouds near you.

Tips for the devotees.

  • For the first timer, it takes nearly 4 to 5 hours in order to climb on top of the hill. In general, People with more stamina may climb on top in 3 hours. Climbing may be more tough for regular smokers and drinkers. It is suggested to avoid to all these habits some time before when you plan for Parvathamalai. Try to maintain a constant speed in order to keep your breaths in control, while climbing. Do not be in hurry while climbing.
  • Avoid carrying heavy luggage. It will be very tough to climb in the later and final stages with heavy luggage.
  • Take drinking water and small snacks. However shops are there till the top of the hill, and you will get Lemon water, coconut water, butter milk, Glucose etc. which are very helpful to keep your energy level intact.
  • Chanting mantras will make you always feel good and energetic while climbing the hill. Also, it is suggested that not to see down when climbing the last and the most steep part of the hill(120 degree approx inclination). Keep Lord Shiva in your heart and climb carefully by holding the iron chains and support in this part.
  • Annadhanam will be provided in Mounaguru swamy ashram at the top of the hill.
  • Do not walk in the dark without proper light. Do carry a torch if you are planned to climb in the nighttime. Also carry a good stick along with you for better support, while climbing.
  • Do not go into the jungle alone or climb up the hill without proper guide. It is also suggested not to create unnecessary noise in night, since during night many siddhas use to practice their skills.
  • If You want to perform pooja in the temple on hill top, make sure that you are clean to perform pooja.
  • While coming down, be more patient and come down very carefully by measuring your every step and supports. You may not face that much difficulty while coming down, however, you need to be very careful to avoid any bad event
  • There is no door or Priest in the temple.
  • You may have to carry all the puja items with you.  Oil for Lamp, Flowers and bilva leaves are important for Pooja.
  • Wearing white, yellow and saffron dresses while visiting the temple is appreciated.
  • Worshiping the God by offering milk is said to be good and auspicious.

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