What you are is what you have been, what you will be is what you do now.   If you want to know your past life, look into your present condition; if you want to know your future life, look at your present actions.

Birth is a result of past karma.  Confusion too is a result of past karmas and it does not make advancement in spiritual practices possible.  For one to realize god without any hindrance one has to know what is ones karma and then he/she needs to cleanse all karma through prayers.  During each earthly existence, a soul creates innumerable karmas in the form of thoughts, words,and actions. These karmas leave behind corresponding subliminal impressions that are carried forward with the subtle body from one life to the next. When we cause a traumatic disruption within ourselves or within others, the action is imprinted in the memory patterns of the muladhara chakra.  The  seed has been planted and will remain vibrating in the depths of the mind even though consciously forgotten.We carry it over from life to life, from birth to birth until one day it blossoms into the fruit of our action — reaction.  Thus the karmas of the present life lead to the karmas of future lives. They establish a continuous and unending chain of causes and effects.  Whatever we are today is the result of what we have thought, spoken, and done in all the present moments before now-just as what we shall be tomorrow is the result of what we think, say, and do today.

What activates past Karmas?

Karma governs the stars and one’s destiny, but karma is governed by one’s willpower. What is to be does not necessarily have to be. Man’s free will and divine determination can change the course of events in his life, or at least mitigate adverse aspects. One whose body and mind are very strong is impervious to adverse astrological influences: there may be no outwardly observable reaction at all, even when evil vibrations may be radiating from negative configuration of the stars but if body and mind have been weakened by wrong eating, wrong thinking, bad character, and bad company, then the stellar rays have the power to activate latent harmful effects of past karma

So how can we work out karma?

If we want to get done with it all, its’ clear that the first step in the process is to stop creating new waves. We’re never going to be finished if we keep making new waves for ourselves everyday. Once we’re acting purely out of dharma and not out of any desire, we’re no longer making waves. When you’ve totally surrendered to your dharma, when you’re no longer trying for anything, that’s your way through.  Do not to oppose happenings but to submit to it.

How does devotion help remove karma?

Bhakti brings grace, and the sustaining grace melts and blends the karmas in the heart. In the heart chakra the karmas are in a molten state. The throat chakra molds the karmas through sadhana. The third-eye chakra sees the karmas, past, present and future, as a singular oneness. And the crown chakra absorbs, burns clean, enough of the karmas to open the gate, the door of Brahman, revealing the straight path to merging with God


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