Sri Vidya Saparya Vasana

Sri Vidya Saparya Vasana or Para puja Vasana

Vimarsa is an elucidation of the highest form of worship in Sri Vidya Upasana which consists in the constant practice of identifying the individual self with Brahman.  Puja or worship ,to start with, is of three kinds,

(1) Para(highest), –  That supreme form of worship where there is no trace of duality(dvaitabhana) of any kind i.e.,where every thought,word or deed is worship  is called Para Puja

(2)Apara(ordinary)and where there is no trace of non-duality(advaitabhana) and the worshipper adores an external chakra or image as distinct from himself is Apara

(3)Pars-para(intermediate) is where the duality that is perceived at the outset is gradually made to merge in oneness by constant thought of identity

The Apara puja comes last. It is the purely external worship of an image or chakra and consists in bringing together the several articles needed in worship and offering them in the prescribed manner with appropriate mantras and it isprimarily meant for beginners or the Mandadhikaris.

The initiation by the Guru is called ‘Dlksha” and i s described as the first step in the ladder leading to the top-floor of the mansion of Mukti(liberation).   Upasana is Isvara pranidhana or profound contemplation of Isvara.To repeat the Mahamantras like the Pranava and the Gayatri which are verbal descriptions of ISvara,to think constantly on their meaning,to look upon the whole universe as the manifestation of Isvara and to regard all the perceptions of the five cognitive senses as His worship-these are declared by the sastras to constitute the said Pranidhana.

Mantras are groups of letters of the alphabet. These letters or the Sounds they stand for are eternal and that is why they are called akshara.  The wonderful potentiality (samarthya) of the mantras is beyond conception. Just as Maya is able to accomplish rare tasks that are difficult to bring about, even so the mantras have infinite power to eradicate Maya itself.  Now what is the most helpful auxiliary to the upasana of one who has implicit faith in the efficacy of the mantras and who strictly adheres to the methods of his Guruparampara(lineofgurus) it is his constant contemplation that himself,his mind,his life-force (prana) are all identical and one with his Guru,the mantra and the deity thereof.


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